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The Loss Prevention Foundation's LPQ and LPC online-courses are more than just another 24/7 course. These college accredited, industry recognized courses are world leaders in educating Loss Prevention / Asset Protection professionals.

While the LPF is not your company and cannot give you the tuition assistance you desire from your company's Human Resource department, we can give you and your company many solid reasons why these courses should obtain company assistance.

This not-for-profit's sole mission is to advance the Loss Prevention / Asset Protection industry, through work force professionalization and by integrating solid business principles into and throughout the Loss Prevention job description. We know that Loss Prevention professionals with a knowledge of both business principles and security principles make better and more productive Loss Prevention professionals.

Below are the many reasons why your company should consider covering the cost of these courses for you. If you need additional information for your HR department's consideration, do reach out and contact us.

Reasons Why Your Human Resource Department should cover the cost of LPQ and/or LPC courses.

Staples, Cabelas, Finish Line, Sports Authority, Harris Teeter and Big Lots are examples of retailers who have already approved our courses for tuition assistance through their human resources-benefits department.

The LPQ & LPC courses were developed so they could be accepted as an academic course and also as a certification by over 300 subject matter experts from over 130 retailers and solution providers. The entire process involved our academic committee who offered content, content review and participated in exam development. Our Academic Committee includes members from Eastern Kentucky University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Grand Valley State University, Loyola University, Northeastern University, North Carolina Central University, Northern Michigan University, Rutgers University, University of Florida, University of Houston and University of North Carolina. The foundation also included the general counsel for the Association of Test Publishers on the LPC Exam Question Development & the Exam Committee, David W. Arnold, Ph.D., J.D., general counsel for Wonderlic.

The LPF also contracted with an internationally renowned credentialing firm, Knapp & Associates, International, from Princeton, NJ, who has been developing professional education courses and credentialing for over 30 years. Joan Knapp, PhD & CEO attended several of our developmental sessions and helped us to maintain high academic standards. Both of our courses have been assigned course numbers with syllabuses and have been printed in university catalogs.

The Loss Prevention Foundation’s LPQualified (LPQ) and LPCertified (LPC) courses are now eligible for academic credit at American Military University, Eastern Kentucky University, and Fairleigh Dickinson University. Click to see details on the accredited universities who exchange credit for our courses!

The LPQ course has also been used by Dr. Richard Hollinger, University of Florida for the past several years as part of his class. The online exam is used as part of the final grade.

LPF is also pursuing acceptance for the LPQ as an approved transition to civilian life course. We are also pursuing approval under the Montgomery GI bill for veterans.