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+ The LPQ courseware has three courses which can be bought one course at a time. A good way to see if the Loss Prevention field is for you is by enrolling in course one at 1/3 the cost.

+ Did you know that there are over 450 companies, worldwide, with employees participating in LPQ/LPC Certifications?

"Hire-A-Vet" Program is Preparing

Retailers tell the Loss Prevention Foundation, "we want more certified vets", so the LPF is helping prior service military educate themselves to step into these jobs. With all the significant training a Vet has, they still need to gain understanding of the retail business and the culture of the loss prevention industry.

The LPQ is a college level course. Once taken, it will help any vet get their foot in the door to a solid job interview. The LPQ is a preferred requirement for all new LP hires, with 50 national retailers participating. If a vet is LPQ certified, they greatly increase their chances for an interview and being a top tier candidate for final consideration.

Veterans**: We strongly recommend that you consider our Loss Prevention Qualified (LPQ) online courseware and certification as a way to prepare yourself for LP civilian employment. The LPQ credential opens doors for you on several levels. Today's retail job market is increasingly competitive. Linking an existing prior service resume with a qualified knowledge of retail LP means that you are serious about applying yourself to the job.

Employers want to see that commitment in their applicants. An LPQ credential links three very important hirable indicators: 1) Commitment. 2) Knowledge to hit the ground running. 3) Cultural Awareness and business acumen.


Everyone knows, that a veteran has the skills and the desire, but to enter an interview with a comprehensive understanding of what retail loss prevention is all about, is an amazing advantage for someone competing for a job.

Retailers: As a hiring manager, you can let us know about how your company would like to identify veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and or Guard/Reserve for targeting interviews. You can also help by sponsoring an unemployed veteran via a scholarship, as we are now taking information on those vets and getting them connected with scholarship awards.

Exposing high potential military personnel to the LPQualified “LPQ” course will help to ensure they understand the retail loss prevention profession, thus preparing them for an interview and increasing their chances of getting hired.  

To learn more about what it takes to participate, as a retailer, please consider visiting our enrollment form. Let us know that as a retailer, you are interested in supporting this initiative and would like to speak to Gene Smith, LPC, the LPF President.

Armed Services Transition Committee: The LPF is committed to appearing at military job fairs like the September 27th, MOAA Career Fair in Washington DC - to attract our military and veteran job seekers to Retail Loss Prevention. Thanks to the Armed Services Transition Committee for your support. Thank you to retailers willing to contribute, through sponsorship and partnerships, to enable the LPF to be at these career fairs.


*Enroll: Are you already interested in participating in our "Hire-A-Vet" program without the need to read on? You are invited as a retailer, as veteran, as a soon to be separated active duty military person, or as a military committee volunteer, to just enroll using our "Hire-A-Vet" Program form. Please allow us up to two business days to respond. If you prefer, you can click here for our toll free phone number.

**Veterans: This term is used generically to include all honorably discharged veterans, soon to be separated active duty military personnel, members of the National Guard or Reserve.