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+ Did you know that over 70 companies, worldwide, have the LPQ certification as a preferred job requirement?

+ Did you know that the courseware is online and averages 40 hours of solid study? The certification is worth three college credits and the exam which is available in all 50 states is 2 hours long.

"Hire-A-Vet" Program is Committing

The retail prevention industry needs more and more highly disciplined leaders in positions of responsibility. A Veteran is a capable problem solver with a proven will to endure set-backs and to press on to meet challenges set before them. Most soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines are already highly trained in the major areas of discipline that employers desire.

The Loss Prevention Foundation is working hard to help our vets get certified and to find exciting employment opportunities. By enrolling as a job seeker, you are also identifying yourself as interested in a possible LPQ scholarship. The LPF will facilitate all such requests which will be evaluated on a merit basis via the varying funding sources that the LPF has identified.


Veteran Job Seekers**: Are you ready to commit to our "Hire-A-Vet" Program? If you are interested in entering the loss prevention career field, we'd like to share your information with the retailers who have partnered with us to Hire-A-Vet for their high end loss prevention jobs. After you enroll, we will link the retail employers with you, especially if you are interested in obtaining the LPQ certification. Retailers recognize that an LPQ certified professional is a more knowledgeable employee. The retailer has the option to exam your information and to contact you directly. If you obtain the LPQ certification, the LPF guarantees you an visibility to hiring managers actively looking to fill supervisor/entry level management positions. Follow the enrollment instructions you recieve in your e-mail after you complete your enrollment form.

Retailers: Please complete our enrollment form to participate in our "Hire-A-Vet" program. By participating, you are identifying your business as interested in considering qualified veterans for your loss prevention job openings and possibly sponsoring veterans who need financial assistance to take the LPQ course.

Armed Services Transition Committee Volunteers: The LPF welcomes LPQ certified loss prevention volunteers to help mentor, review resumes, review LinkedIn profiles, to discuss the loss prevention field and to just encourage our Vets as they progress through course work, certification, and interviews. Please fill out our enrollment form and let us know you want to volunteer.

*Enroll: Are you already interested in participating in our "Hire-A-Vet" program without the need to read on? You are invited as a retailer, as veteran, as a soon to be separated active duty military person, or as a military committee volunteer, to just enroll using our "Hire-A-Vet" Program form. Please allow us up to two business days to respond. If you prefer, you can click here for our toll free phone number.

**Veterans: This term is used generically to include all honorably discharged veterans, soon to be separated active duty military personnel, members of the National Guard or Reserve.