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Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) is pleased to present the LPF Loss Prevention Diversity & Inclusion Committee. This committee is led by industry veteran Paul Jones, LPC, Head of Global Asset Protection, ebay and vice-chairman of LPF, who has a proven track record of implementing effective diversity and inclusion programs within retail loss prevention functions. ”We feel the collective strength of LPF and LP certification can assist us in building a more diverse LP community”, said Paul Jones, LPC.


Committee members perform several important duties while they serve:

  • Provide general overall administration of the diversity and inclusion program of the LPF.
  • Provide insight into the most current diversity and inclusion policy formulation within the retail LP/AP industry.
  • Insure that at each general board meeting, the activity of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee is formally reported to the Board Chairman and read into the minutes and approved by the board.
  • Evaluate all pertenant diversity issues affecting the LPF and make response recommendations.


The following list comprises our distinguished list executives who will be participating in this committee:

  • Paul Jones, LPC, Head of Global Asset Protection, ebay and vice-chairman of the LPF, Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair
  • Fanchon Barnes, Regional Loss Prevention Manager, CVS Health
  • Merek Bigelow, Director of Marketing, Loss Prevention Magazine
  • Madeline Borkin, Director, I4CP
  • Charles Delgado, LPC , Vice President of Asset Protection, Meijer
  • Kate Hughes, AVP- Loss Prevention, TJX
  • Hector Pearson, Area Loss Prevention Director, CVS/Caremark
  • Debbie Rood, Senior Retail & General Management Retail Consultant
  • John Selevitch, Digital Editor, Loss Prevention Magazine

"I am excited to participate with my peers and utilize this forum to assist our industry with improving our track record on diversity. This is very important and exciting work that will help evolve our industry,” said Charles Delgado, LPC.

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