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LPCertified LPC Course

The college accredited, LPCertified (LPC) course integrates advanced loss prevention management practices with business revenue competencies and processes. This easily accessed, web based course is not required for certification, though it is the best study tool available for the LPC exam. The college-level course is a significant endeavor and the student is required to finish it within the requisite year license.

The LPC course is comprised of 6 courses (totaling 31 sections), providing advance industry craft and knowledge for LP leadership, operations, management, and supply-chain security. It includes over 1200 pages of detailed content as well as video demonstrations.

Use this complete course enrollment guide and

Courses all include practical applications, review questions, study notes, and quizzes. Depending on an individual's reading, comprehension, and study habits, it takes an average of 70 - 80 hours to complete the LPC. At the course end, there is a 100 question LPC practice exam.

LPC Courses: Summary Brochure
Course 1: Leadership Principles
Course 2: Business Principles
Course 3:Loss Prevention Operations
Course 4:Safety and Risk Management
Course 5:Crisis management
Course 6:Supply-Chain Security
In Addition:Detailed Course Outline

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*Questions, quizzes, reviews, and even the final test in the prep-course are designed to recall and to reinforce concepts. Students will find that the actual, proctored exam is significantly more difficult. Its' questions go beyond recall and require application of course concepts. Please keep this in mind and do not under estimate the need to prepare for the certification exam based on high prep-course scores.

*The 1 Year Use License allows students one year of online access to the course. Course extensions beyond the year are free of charge in extreme hardships; such as prolonged medical difficulty or military service.

*Company purchased courses may be set shorter in length. Employees are encouraged to obtain their specific course access length from their company representative in order to correctly pace through the course.

*All sales are final and there are no refunds.